斗地主达人Google announces biggest ever corporate purchase of green energy in history

In 2017, Google became the first tech giant to reach 100% renewable energy for its global operations. The Mountain View-based company has now announced that it is “making the biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history.” Google’s latest purchas… #solarenergy #solarpanels #solarpower #renewableenergy

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6 Steps to a Sustainable Living and a Greener Home in 2018

Are you ready to take the steps necessary for a green home and sustainable living? Not only are green and sustainable living better for the environment, but they can save you money on your energy bills。 Here are six surprising and inspiring ways people are making their homes greener。

1. Install Dual-Pane Windows

Older homes may have windows that are single-pane. However, dual-pane windows offer energy saving advantages. As a bonus, you will see a return on any investment in more efficient windows when you go to sell.  buyers want in a home is updated windows.

2. Buy a Programmable Thermostat

Do you turn your thermostat up and down, depending on how cold or hot you feel at the moment? It is much more energy-efficient to invest in a programmable thermostat that keeps your house at a predictable temperature throughout the day。 Reduce energy costs  when you install a programmable thermostat。

3. Use Green Construction Materials

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing home,  is a great way to add green features to your home。 Even if you aren’t building your home right now, you can incorporate green construction into your regular home maintenance tasks。 For example, replacing your old garage door with a green one  and gain and results in smaller energy expenditure。

4. Replace Incandescent Bulbs

Another inexpensive fix that will green up your home quickly is to replace all your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs。 You could  on the energy used by the lights in your home with this simple fix。 Can’t afford to replace all your bulbs at once? Replace each one as the incandescent bulb blows。 Eventually, you will have a house full of CFLs, which also tend to last longer than the incandescent variety。

5. Install New Shower Heads

The typical homeowner  to take a mere 10-minute shower three days a week. However, most people shower every single day, take much longer showers than 10 minutes and have more than one person in the family. There are several ways you can reduce your water consumption, including installing a  and timing yourself to take the shortest shower possible.

6. Switch to a Solar Water Heater

。 Although on-demand water heaters are one solution, it might not work as well for large families。 Another solution is a 。 Although the initial expenditure will be at least $6000, over time you will see a return on that investment in energy savings。 The time it takes to see a return on your investment depends upon how sunny it is where you live。

Making Homes Greener

Making your home greener not only saves you money but allows you to reduce your carbon footprint。 Protecting resources for future generations is a smart investment。 Although these simple ways will get you started, there are many other things you can implement, both large and small。

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New Electric Motor Could Boost Efficiency of EVs, Scooters, and Wind Turbines

The Hunstable Electric Turbine by Linear Labs can generate two to five times the torque of existing motors in the same-size package, the company says

Makers of , e-bikes, or —and the owners who love them—tend to focus on batteries, and how much better their vehicles become as batteries shrink in weight, size and cost.

But electric motors are the often-overlooked aspect of that equation.  says its electric machines could revolutionize automobiles, wind turbines, and air conditioners as well as robotics, drones, and micromobility vehicles.

斗地主达人The Ft. Worth, Texas–based company has invented what it calls the , or HET. The patented HET, the company claims, can generate two to five times the torque of existing motors or generators, in the same-size package. Torque is the amount of work that a motor or engine produces, typically measured on a per-revolution basis.

“We believe we’ve built an entirely new class of electric motors, and that hasn’t happened in maybe 30 years,” says , the company’s founder and chairman。

Hunstable was formerly CEO of UStream, a video streaming and hosting company (now known as ) that IBM acquired for US $150 million in 2016。 Brad’s father and company CTO is an inventor and electrical engineer, who worked in the nuclear power industry for  and 。 And Linear Labs began about five years ago as a father-and-son project。 Among its roughly 20 full-time employees, the company counts former employees of , , and 。

The Hunstables tick off myriad design and technical advantages for their HET, which they define as a 3D circumferential flux, four-rotor permanent magnet motor. Unlike typical designs, the synchronous DC motors have no superfluous end windings, so 100 percent of their copper material goes into energy conversion. A typical motor’s copper content could be reduced by 30 percent, while generating equivalent torque, they say. So for a given torque level, the HET consumes significantly less energy than competing designs.

Company studies of existing automotive platforms, including the Tesla and the Toyota Prius, show that the motors could increase driving range by more than 10 percent; or allow those cars to carry relatively smaller battery packs to deliver equivalent range. The HET itself is spectacularly efficient, generating up to a claimed 150 newton meters (Nm) of torque at just 3,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), in a Prius-size packaging envelope.

The company’s permanent-magnet tech requires no rare-earth metals. The motors generate such robust torque that, in most applications, no gearbox reduction is necessary. The system incorporates a purely electronic transmission, which reduces energy losses and, at production scale, could trim at least 45 kilograms (100 pounds) from vehicle weight. Complexity and costs for engineering and manufacturing drop along with it.

 Ninebot ES4 motor.

The resulting Segway enjoyed a 50 percent increase in range, and four times the torque, which boosted the vehicle’s top speed and allowed it to climb a steep 20 percent grade.

“You’ll see us in a micromobility application, with air-cooled motors, within one year,” Fred Hunstable says.

The Hunstables add that with 45 percent of the world’s electricity eventually flowing through an electric motor, decisive gains in power and efficiency could have untold benefits in energy savings and performance。 One example: The company estimates that, in a large, , the HET could save 80 metric tons of weight, millions of dollars in costs, and lift efficiency by 3 percent。

“We feel we’re part of a smarter, cleaner energy movement, with applications way beyond mobility,” Brad says.

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A Bungalow in Utrecht That’s More Than Energy Neutral

Studio Public recently completed a modern bungalow in Utrecht, The Netherlands, that’s more than energy neutral as it sends power back to the supplier。 The L-shaped residence is clad in Corten steel and plaster with expansive panels of glass that make the mos… #SOLARPOWER #solarenergy #renewableenergy #cleanenergy #climateaction

 It’s decked out with an innovative heat pump, quality insulation, triple glass with high thermal insulation, and a series of solar panels to keep it extra eco-friendly.

The 2,000-square-foot bungalow boasts a natural swimming pool that’s naturally filtered by plants as opposed to chemicals, which has its environmental advantages along with being cheaper to maintain。 A wooden walkway hovers above the water and creates a separation for a row of plants growing in the water。

The bungalow’s layout is made up of three areas, including a living space with the kitchen, living room, and porch, a private space for a bedroom and bathroom, and finally, the guest quarters。 Behind the appliance wall in the kitchen is a zone that resides between the living and private areas to house the home’s technology center。

The interior features a fairly neutral palette with woods and warm colors that lend itself to a cozy atmosphere。

The public zone has three, massive sliding glass doors that open the space up to the outdoors and pool area. When it’s warm outside, there are aluminum blinds that help keep the heat out.

A skylight in the master bathroom offers the open room lots of natural light since there are no windows.

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